Pet Portraits

I love capturing the essence of our pets. They have been my subjects many times, although not so willing models. That’s why I work from good reference photos.

Most importantly, I start by selecting a great photo and making sure it has detail and good lighting– in the face especially.

If you are wondering about a photo, simply print it out at the size you want the pets head and see if detail is there or if it’s pixelated. Remember the better the photo, the better the portrait.

After the client and I agree on a photo and size of painting, I draw a sketch to size with details and send via email to client. If approved, a deposit of 50% is put down and I start the painting.

As the painting progresses, I send updates via email, often with image of painting in progress.

When complete, painting is either delivered, picked up or shipped (extra cost) at which time balance is due.

I always aim for a stressless experience for client and myself so it can be a happy memory from the beginning.

If you have any questions or want to discuss a possible commission, please call

Kathryn 763-258-9812